How much are tickets? -$75 VIP Pass and $19 Weekend Pass . Grab a Hotel Room for the best experience


Can I buy at the door? Passes are available at the door, but VIPs will sell out


When is the event? April 30th & May 1st, 2022, in Athens, Texas


Is there a Military Discount? - No, but thank you for your service! Come enjoy the weekend with us!


Do I have to stay at the official hotel? -No, but we highly recommend it; spend Friday and Saturday night in Athens with the Anime Athens community!

Is this a family-friendly show? -Yes absolutely! After Party is 18+ please.

Where can I sign up for ___? -Click on the image of the event you're interested in

Where is the schedule? -Schedule / Program page

Where can I see the guest list? -On the Guests Page

Are there day passes? -Yes, day passes are available online or at the door

Can I get a refund for my pass? -No. All sales are final. Yes, this means you and your situation.

When does______ happen? -Check our Schedule page

Does it cost to meet the celebrities? -No, but photos and autographs do. Prices set by each guest and displayed at their tables


How much are autographs and photos? -Depends on the celebrity, but around $20~$40

Where do I sign up to volunteer? -Click on the Volunteer icon

How much are artist and vendor booths? -Click on the Artists' Alley or Exhibitor Booths icon

Where can I book my hotel room? -Book through the hotel link

Where is the Dress Code / Cosplay / Weapons / Health Policy? -Click the one you want to read


Will there be security? -Yes

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